Tips To Start A Wedding Ministry Business



Pastors and ministers need options to increase their bottom line income.  One way is to offer your services as an officiant; performing the wedding ceremony.  Many of our pastors and ministers study for years just like any other profession.  They may have college loans, and then a term of study for their chosen religious field.  You would think with all this education, they would be paid more.  Not true.  People in the ministry field need to supplement their income and performing weddings for additional income is one way you, as a minister or pastor, can achieve this.


Here are some tips to start you on the journey of wedding income:


•             Find online wedding service sites in your area.  If you live in a city, simply type in your city name and the words “wedding guides.”  If you live in a large city, you will probably discover more than one site. Most of these sites offer two choices, you can advertise, which will cost you anywhere from $99 to $200 to appear as a wedding officiant on their home page; this usually doesn’t require you to have a website.   Or, you can submit a free listing.  The free listings do require you to have a website where you can post all of your education, experience and, any additional training you may have that will entice the reader to your officiant listing.  When doing this, the wedding guide site you submit your listing to will more than likely request you put a link on your site to their site to qualify for the free listing.


•             Contact local wedding planners.  You can find them online or in the Yellow Pages.  Wedding planners need resources and as the officiant, let’s face it, you’re one of the most important people at a wedding—you’re performing the ceremony!  Arrange to meet them to discuss your skills and experience.  Create a resume with detailed references on weddings you have performed, even if it’s at your church.


•             How much should you charge?  Don’t shortchange yourself.  You have the experience and pretty much know how to intertwine your wedding services to individualize each wedding.  Set your fees and don’t forget to include mileage charges for traveling and additional fees for rehearsals.  Make sure the wedding party will feed you free at their wedding.  Last, don’t be afraid to ask or accept tips.  Other vendors are tipped and you should be too.


•             Join a website officiant site online.  Many areas have websites that offer ministers or pastors the opportunity to join their organization, free or at a low cost to list you as a wedding ceremony provider.  You will need a good resume that lists your experience in and outside of a church, set prices for the ceremony, rehearsal and, traveling fees.  Check a few of these sites out before you apply and see what other ministers are charging. 


Following these tips can help you earn the additional income you seek and deserve.  Finally, create an exit-wedding suggestion form.  Give this to the bride and groom with a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) so they can return it free.  Ask them to be honest and offer suggestions.  This will only improve your skills, give you ideas and, more income.  For more information, visit  for the basics.


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